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Apple Fritters (2-pack)
Apple Fritters (2-pack)
Apple Fritters (2-pack)

Apple Fritters (2-pack)

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Gluten-free Apple Fritters at last! It’s taken Chef Lori over one year to finally get this recipe right for you to enjoy! With tart, sweet, chunks of apple, and a generous maple glaze, the Pure Fresh Daily Apple Fritter recently made its debut at the San Ramon Farmer’s Market, where it's been the first item to sell out, ever since. 

How to Warm UP: Before eating, please warm your Apple Fritter by adding 1-2 tablespoons of water to a small skillet. Steam water over medium heat, add fritters and cover with a lid for 5 minutes. This will soften the dough and help release its delicious flavor! You can also warm up by microwave or toaster oven, but the skillet method works best. 

These Apple Fritters are:

  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • legume-free 

Allergen Alert: eggs, dairy, almond, and coconut.