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About Chef Lori


Hello! Thank you for stopping by Pure Fresh Daily! My name is Lori Miller and I'm a classically-trained, California-based ChefBakerAuthor, and creator of the award-winning blog,  GlutenfreeGlobalicious.com. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease on November 9th, 1999, and believe me, it was the best day of my life because my family and I, FINALLY knew what was wrong. After finding this out, my lifelong health struggles began to make sense, but I was totally shocked and confused.


Completely ignorant about this disease, I kept saying, "What? I have to eat gluten-free? But I'm Mexican! Mexicans have to eat gluten-free, too?" Since then, I've learned volumes, transitioned to a forever gluten-free lifestyle for survival, and I've learned from the many people I've connected with all over the world, that Celiac Disease has no boundaries. Regardless of ethnicity, this Autoimmune Disease challenges millions of us across the globe!


A California native, raised in the farmlands of Central California, I divide my time between Valencia (Southern Cal) and Tracy (Northern Cal). I studied at two different L.A. culinary schools (Professional Chef Training and Pastry at both, The Epicurean, and also at The Los Angeles Culinary Institute) and have worked as a Private Chef, Caterer, and Culinary Instructor, under my starter business, Pure Fresh Daily (established in 2010 as a Meal Delivery service in Los Angeles County, recently revamped into an LLC, Gluten-free Food Company)


My foodie life started during my childhood. My Nana only had a third grade education, but she could cook like the best of them! She made everything so pure, so fresh, and she cooked every meal, daily. Very often, I was right there alongside her in the kitchen, watching and helping her create the most flavor-loaded dishes that everyone loved. From an early start, she exposed me to the ingredients that made her memorized recipes a success, and those experiences will forever be in my heart and mind. My love for international food deepened at 16-years old, when I was chosen to represent my high school on a summer exchange program to Japan. Coming from a pretty strict, old-world Mexican family, I was the first person in my family to travel abroad at such a young age, without parents. This trip changed my life and sparked my eternal passion for food and travel! In my twenties, I moved to Japan to live and work there for a few years. It was there that I discovered my true love for cooking! You see, at that time, it was pretty much impossible to find my favorite American products, so my parents were kind and loving to send me care packages filled with pasta, tortillas, etc, (way before my Celiac diagnosis), but that soon became, too expensive! Can you believe it? I set out to make bread, pastas, tortillas, marinara sauces, and I was actually doing it! After doing this for about a year, I realized that I REALLY WANTED to cook, as in cook for a living, and so I did! After my time in Japan, I returned to California and enrolled in Culinary School (as mentioned above), and it has been one of the best life decisions I've ever made!

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Because of living with undiagnosed Celiac Disease (and all the other health issues that were symptoms of being an undiagnosed), I had just enough energy to get myself to work and home, therefore, I wasn't very focused on the social media scene. You might find social media accounts that were created by me over the years, yet never maintained, because for a lot of years, I just didn't feel good, and obviously, social media wasn't my priority. However, the great news is, I'm back on track -healthier, happier, stronger, more productive than ever before, and making up for all the years lost. 


Stick with me and join in on the incredible Gluten-free Pop-ups and Culinary Workshops I've got planned! I’m super excited to teach you all of my secrets! Thanks again for being here, and please never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


xo, Lori