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About Chef Lori



Pure Fresh Daily was founded in 2010 by Chef Lori Miller, providing private chef services, and small-batch, allergen-specialty meals to clients in Los Angeles County. Her specialties focused on gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb, sugar-free, vegan, and Macrobiotic meals. In 2019, Lori decided to re-launch her business into a 100% Gluten-free Food Company, adding seasonal, gluten-free baked goods, side dishes, dairy-free puddings, and more!

Lori's interest in cooking began when she was a young child. Her Mexican grandmother, Guadalupe, would cook fresh meals every day for her large family, allowing Lori to learn about the Mexican cuisine and all the wonderful flavor combinations possible, using simple ingredients. Although she never considered cooking for a living, it was while she was living and working in Japan, that Lori realized she loved to cook. Finding American food products in Japan, was almost impossible and very expensive when found, so Lori started making everything fresh, and from scratch. After a few years of cooking, sharing her food with friends and neighbors, she realized she was good at it! It was while she was in Japan that Lori realized she wanted to be a professional chef. After returning to the USA, Lori enrolled in culinary school to pursue her dream. First, she attended the 9-month Professional Baking and Pastry Course at The Epicurean School of Culinary Arts in West Hollywood, and then the 16-month Professional Chef Training Program at the Los Angeles Culinary Institute in Encino, California.  

Prior to launching Pure Fresh Daily, Lori gained professional chef experience cooking for celebrities and high-profile clients throughout Los Angeles. While working for L'Oven Life and the Cleanse, she cooked for celebrities such as Toby McGuire, Tea Leoni, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman. While working for Deja Food, she cooked for Kathy Ireland, Ed Bagley Jr, Carry Fisher, Jamie Curtis, Michael Richards, and for executives from NBC/Universal Studios, and CBS studios. In addition to being a trained Chef, Baker, and Menu Consultant, specializing in Gluten-free cuisine, Lori is an author. Her first eBook, published in 2016, Pure Fresh Donuts: 30+ Mix & Match Paleo Recipes, was listed on Amazon’s Top 25 Best Selling Gluten-free eBooks. Her second published eBook is Gluten-free Delicious: 30 Quick & Nourishing Recipes. Both books are available on

Outside of the kitchen, Lori loves binging on international cooking shows, Korean dramas, discovering new music, new foods, and watching thriller, suspense, and espionage movies. She loves traveling, hiking, and enjoys creating concrete containers for gardening. Lori is married to a wonderful husband who has a strong background in European cuisines, and cooks very well! He enjoys the challenge of whipping up something gluten-free for Lori to enjoy. They are based in California, dividing their time between Southern and Northern California, and sharing a strong faith in God. Lori lives with Celiac Disease, and a former dairy-allergy that was cured when she slowly re-introduced raw sheeps milk cheese and raw grass fed cheeses, back into her diet. She positively believes there are endless options when it comes to gluten-free, dairy-free food, and hopes to inspire others through her creations.